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If you are looking for lawn care treatments in the Cumming and forsyth county area then you have come to the right place. We take pride in all of our lawns and treat them if as if they were our own. There are many factors to weed control and fertilization and we take all of them into consideration when taking care of a lawn.

Key Factors for Cumming lawn care success:

  1. Did your company pull a soil test? Cumming and pretty much all of Forsyth county have very rocky clay based soils that are very acidic. Without a proper soil test it can be hard to get a lawn looking like it should. If you do not already have one we highly suggest getting one. We can perform this service free of charge with the sign up of our lawn care program.
  2. Knowing the right type of weed control to apply to a lawn:  Not being able to properly identify certain weeds can often times lead to misdiagnosis of grassy and broadleaf weeds which can lead to toxic applications to the grass killing it. Correct identifying which weed is what can mean the difference between a beautiful healthy lawn and one that looks like a missile field with holes everywhere. Proper knowledge of the lawn being treated is vital to lawn health and that is why we only have trained and licensed people working at Cumming Lawn Care Service.
  3. Taking care of the problem before it becomes a problem:  A lot of times lawn care companies will just wait until the problem becomes big enough to make money off of so that they can make a profit instead of taking care of the problem before it gets big.
  4. . Mowing your lawn properly: If there is one thing that gets overlooked all of the will make or break a lawn. Even if the yard is fertilized,watered and care for properly in every other way, if the lawn is not mowed correctly nothing will look right. For a lawn to look its best it must be cut at least every 5 days. If your lawn is being cut once every 2 weeks or every three weeks you will be cutting off more of the grass blade than it needs. Th



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